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My First Meeting with St. Germain

On a Sunday night, in a late Sydney summer, I sat waiting for Peter Abraham, who I hoped would channel St. Germain. According to history books, Germain was a French Count in revolutionary France known as Comte de Saint Germain, who lived from 1691-1712. Here was someone with an intriguing resume: adventurer, explorer, philosopher, scientist, alchemist, and magician. He was said to be extraordinarily intelligent, articulate, and widely published. He appeared to live many lives in one lifetime, and I was soon to discover that he had lived many lifetimes on Earth too. St Germain should be a man who had answers to my questions if Peter Abraham could channel him.

The birds and the barking dogs settled. Peter, together with friends, led an invocation, followed by a guided meditation and prayers to open a sacred space to allow beings of great power to come through and enter his body. First, a group of angels cleared the room. Then a host of beings entered with both familiar and strange names; Master Kuthumi with Lady Portia, El Moyra, and Pallas Athene, Master Hilarion with Lady Nada, Djwahl Kuhl, and Lady Leto, and Serapis Bey and Lakshmi. They would speak through Peter or his friend Michaela Clinton and guide others in the room. Their presence and their movement around the room were vividly described by Peter and by others who could “see” their unseen presence. St. Germain, however, was not among them.

Then a being called Lord Sananda entered, unannounced.

Everyone, except me, seemed to know of Lord Sananda, but when he said, “I speak as ‘Jeshua,’” I felt the pulse of excitement go through the room. He spoke gently, recounting a parable about patience and mercy using the Middle Eastern imagery of the natural beauty and fruitfulness of the vines, the vibrant color of the flowers, lilies of the field, and his love for his flock: his children. When he left, we remained in contemplation for a while until there was a rustle. The dog started barking loudly, and the cicadas joined him.

Someone new had arrived. St Germain was here!

Only those who saw him clairvoyantly knew it was St. Germain. I saw nothing.

“What’s happening?” I mouthed to my friend. She whispered that a bearded man with glossy black hair and a violet cloak was in the room. He was spinning like a top and sparkled with amethyst and gold.

“He’s like an electric shock crackling through time,” someone else explained.

After the calm of Lord Sananda, this was a dramatic entrance.

St. Germain spoke precisely and only through Peter. He offered advice and answered questions about healing, career progression, conflict resolution, dancing, music, and spiritual development. He appeared quirky but charming, compassionate, witty, and wise.

Peter, still channelling St Germain, rose from his chair, came over to me and said, “Give me your hand.”

I was very reluctant to do so because I had been warned never to touch a channel while they were channelling for fear of causing them a shock.

“Give me your hand,” he insisted.

I held it out, and he kissed it. I was so surprised I snatched it back.

“Don’t you know who I am?” he asked.

“Yes, you are St. Germain, and you are a Master.”

“And what is that?” he asked.

Tongue-tied, I could not answer him.

I decided then to find out more about what it meant to be a Master and about St. Germain. That decision would take me to places I never thought I would go and would result in a relationship with St. Germain that would lead to this book and the uncovering of long-held secrets. I used two different channels, Peter Abraham and Dr. George Litchfield, to connect with him. Both used prayers to create a sacred space before they opened themselves up to other realms. They called on protective beings to help them, they put aside their egos to allow beings of light, and no others, to speak through them, and they worked privately, discreetly, and with patience. They were men of integrity.

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