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Meet the Masters

The Masters are a group of twelve energetic beings star-seeded to Earth whose spiritual DNA is spread into every human here

Mother Mary

Mother Mary and St Germain are the focal lives explored in this book. Mary incarnated as the mother of Buddha as Maya, the mother of Isaac as Sara and the mother of Jesus as Mary. She was also Kwan Yin, Nefertiti, Isis, Cleopatra, Mary the Magdalene, Philip the Apostle, Luke the Evangelist, King James I, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Admiral Nelson, Claude Monet and Nelson Mandela.

St Germain 2.jpeg

St Germain had lives as Noah, Samuel, Jacob, Homer, Lao-Tse, Plato, Julius Caesar, Cicero, St Joseph, Merlin, Raphael, Edward de Vere, Cervantes, Christopher Wren, Columbus and Benjamin Franklin.

St Germain
Master Jesus.jpeg

Lord Sananda who seldom incarnates but when he does you know about it, is the spiritual leader of this group. Our records capture three important lives of him as Lord Vishnu, Buddha and Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus). But there are others including Adam Orpheus and Joseph, son of Jacob.

Lord Sananda
El Morya.jpeg
El Morya

The twelve masters are headed on Earth by El Moyra and Pallas Athene. El Moyra incarnated as:  Akhenaton;  Abraham; Mark Antony; Mohammad; King Arthur; Sophocles; St. Peter; St. Mark; Francis Bacon; Nero;  Robert the Bruce; Thomas Cranmer; Emperor Maximillian; John Q. Adams; Abraham Lincoln; Robert E. Lee; John Milton; Napoleon; Karl Marx; Sigmund Freud; Charles Dickens; Adolf Hitler; Pablo Picasso; Robert Kennedy; John Steinbeck.


Kuthumi is the world teacher. His lives included Ulysses; Achilles; King David; Melchizedek; Pythagoras; Socrates; Leonardo Da Vinci; Shah Jahan; Erasmus; King Ferdinand of Aragon; Bach; Mozart; Carl Jung; William Blake; Oscar Wilde; Dwight Eisenhower; George Bernard Shaw; Alfred, Lord Tennyson; James Joyce and John Lennon.


Hilarion leads battles and founds nations and religions. Aspects of him incarnated as Ganesh; Adonis, Dan (Son of Jacob); Moses; Emperor Augustus; St. Andrew; Alexander the Great; Constantine the Great; St. Paul; Pope Julian II; Uther Pendragon; George Washington; Gandhi; Henry VIII; John F. Kennedy; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Andrew Lloyd Webber and Andy Warhol.

Serapis Bey & Lady Leto
Serapis Bey.jpeg
Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey comes in rarely but when he does, he drives change with his outstanding intelligence and integrity. His lives include Rama; Osiris; Amenhotep III  King Leonidas; King Midas; Phidias, architect of the Parthenon; Euripides; St. Thomas Aquinas; Thomas Cromwell; Isaac Newton; St. Thomas More; St. Thomas A. Becket; Thomas Jefferson; William Gladstone; Adam Smith; Albert Einstein; Albert Camus; Albert Schweitzer; Jules Verne and Winston Churchill.

DJWHAL KUHL &  Lady Fortunata
Djwhal Kuhl

Djwhal Kuhl who incarnates infrequently but when he does, he confounds pre-conceptions, with him things are never what they seemed to be and bad can turn out to be good. Lives include Lord Varuna; Poseidon, Lord of all Oceans; Gilgamesh; Shiva; Thor; Martin Luther; Nostradamus; Edgar Allen Poe; Vincent Van Gogh; Gough Whitlam; Gerry Adams; Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.


Pallas Athene incarnated as Goddess Athena; Aphrodite; Venus; Helen of Troy; St. James the Less; Boudica; Joan of Arc; Queen Elizabeth I; Queen Victoria; Emily Pankhurst; Bette Davis; Sophia Loren; Joan Crawford and Margaret Thatcher.

Pallas Athene
Lady Portia.jpg
Lady Portia

Lady Portia is his feminine aspect. She incarnated as Ma’at; Lakshmi; Zilpah, wife of Jacob; St. Clare; Princess Grace, Marie Antoinette; Clementine Churchill; Queen Elizabeth II; Jacqueline Kennedy; Princess Diana; Elizabeth Taylor; Heddy Lamar; George Eliot and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Lady Nada.jpg
Lady Nada

His feminine aspect is Lady Nada. She had lives as Pharaoh Hatshepsut; Rebecca, wife of Isaac; Bathsheba, wife of David and mother of Solomon; St. Martha; Empress Julia of Rome; Queen Zoe of the Medes; Harriet Tubman; Lucy Wilmot Smith; Queen Anne; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Barbara Streisand and Hillary Clinton.

lady leto.jpg

His feminine aspect is Lady Leto. Her lives include Sappho; Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis; St. Anne, mother of Mary; Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist; St. Teresa of Avila; Marie Curie, Madame Blavatsky; Marion Zimmer Bradley (Leto seldom incarnates).

Lady Leto

His feminine aspect is Lady Fortunata. Her incarnations include Latona; Hestia; Vesta;  Nell Gwyn; Madame du Barry; Madame de Pompadour; Marilyn Monroe; Lola Montez; Gina Lollobrigida; Frida Kahlo and Monica Lewinsky.

Lady Fortunata
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