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The Author

Carmel Niland, author of The Line to God
Carmel Niland

Carmel Niland graduated from the Universities of New South Wales and of Illinois and began her career as a teacher in Sydney, Australia and Ithaca, New York,USA. 


She worked for thirty years for the NSW Government leading agencies on gender, racial equality, human rights, child protection and disability services. She was elected as the Deputy Chancellor at the University of New South Wales.


Carmel was honoured by the Medal of Australia for her work.  She is married to John and they have two children, and live in Sydney.


Her first book, A Darker Magic This Way Comes has received critical acclaim, earning Honourable Mentions at the 2017 Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York Book Festivals.




'Our Spiritual DNA’ is a veritable ‘Who’s Who of the Esoteric World’ listing the major characters who have defined the caliber of our spiritual lives in the Western World over the last 6,000 years. Lying at the core of the book is a depiction of the Council of White Light and as you leap the divide between history and myth in order to find the face of the Divine, to know the unknowable, you will encounter the great wonder of St Germain, our contemporary Christos.


Little of any substance has been written about this extraordinary Master for some while, and yet now is the time as we center our lives in the nature of the Aquarian Age.


This book is particularly welcome and will inform the esoteric student of the Master’s lineage, and how his odyssey is always present to define the true nature of love. In awe you will find St Germain with the eleven other White Masters or Melchi-Zedek evoking dreams within you that are way beyond your current imagination!

Stewart Pearce, Master of Voice & Angelic Emissary

This book is fabulous. A real font of knowledge. Through the medium of channeling, it reaches into the depths of history and reveals the links that powerful souls have with each other and their many incarnations on Earth and in other realms.


It provides a direct link from the Ascended Masters to early man and all the way back to God. Its aim is to show you how you may be linked - to each other - to them - and ultimately, to God.

Lorraine Flaherty, author of 'Healing with Past Life Therapy'

This fascinating book is full of new information about the numerous incarnations of the great masters, many as famous people throughout the ages and some alive now.  


Carmel Niland also shares absorbing information about what really happened to the Pharaohs and biblical characters.  An intriguing book that is well worth reading. 

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Diana Cooper spiritual teacher, founder of the Diana Cooper School of White Light, and bestselling author. 

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